Instructions and Guideline

  • This ride does not Identify with any Political, Religious, Border systems or any other beliefs.
  • Everyone is welcome as an equal without judgement or prejudice.
  • Everyone is responsible for their own ride and safety. Sync The Planet is not liable for any loss, damage or personal injury that may occur during the ride.
  • Road Regulations and local Rules must be followed according to the laws of the Region or Country you ride in.
  • Everyone is invited to join us regardless of what you ride on. (Dirt, Street, simply anything!)
  • Ride alone or chose/form a group to ride with. Plan your own route.
  • Register your ride on this website (start times are automatically calculated for your Region)
  • Identify your video. ie. (Sync The Planet 2018/ “Channel Name or name”)
  • Please share with us ( all your YouTube Video’s and social media links.
  • Upload your event photos on this website for all to view. (Optional)

Every Year a new Video Playlist is created on the Sync The Planet YouTube Channel. All the video’s shared with us will be featured on that list.

At the end of the ride Statistics will be calculated and shared. All data accumulated will then be deleted. We hold no responsibility for lost social media or photo files.

Come and chat with us in the forum area!